Performance, Availability, Scalability, and Security are all names of the game.

If your businesses has invested in your own physical systems and have the support staff to maintain them, but you want to place your hardware in an enterprise-class facility with adequate space, power, temperature control, and security, we have multiple service provider options for you.

Provide your systems and you are taken care of in world-class data centers with all the investment you need in redundnacies, reliabilities, and network access.

Reliable Physical Security

You'll have no concern for fire, vandalism, theft, or natural disasters. Monitored security keeps an eye on your systems all year round. Kept under lock and key, biometric access control systems and man traps ensure that only your authorized people ever have access to your infrastructure.

Enhanced Virtual Security

Customized security, data backups, multiple scalable Internet peers ensure the applications and policies of other colocated businesses have no effect on your system performance. Your information is safe from day one and audited by third parties to ensure controls.

Less Expensive Bandwidth

Multiple providers of IP backbone and the redundant cross-connections gain tremendous per/Mb cost savings.

UPS and Backup Generators

If main power is ever disrupted, backup power infrastructure keep your business running.

A/C, Temperature and Humidity Controls

Heat and humidity, most difficult to control, have a significant effect on performance. Our data centers all have the very latest equipment for steady and reliable temperature, humidity, and particulate control.

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