You're only as FAST as your weakest link.

The Internet and how you get it changes as quickly as the bits and bytes that travel on it. When you are faced with statements from the business like "our application is sluggish?", "the voice quality is poor today?", or "what can help us telecommute?" Arcus experience and knowledge can help.

Fiber based and copper based services can mean many different things to your businesses productivity and bottom line.

Arcus has helped many clients with our knowledge of and relationships with service providers in technologies like
  • T1/DS3/Ocn Internet Circuits
  • Ethernet Over Fiber
  • Ethernet Over Copper
  • Wireless Fixed Broadband
Options for technologies can vary significantly considering your local access facilities, your geography to major points of presence and the peering of carriers providing Internet technologies. Let us help you understand your options.

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